LANDSPACE – Design process

Initial consultation
A consultation will be arranged at a time and date convenient to you. At this first meeting we are able to access your existing garden and discuss with you your plans and aspirations for the space. Having an idea of your budget gives us a clearer indication of what is achievable. It helps us to present ideas that are realistic to your finances.

After the consultation we will send you a questionnaire and compile you a proposal. This will outline the elements discussed at the meeting and estimate a realistic starting budget. This will include the fees for the survey and design work.

Design agreement
Once you are happy to proceed with Landspace we will send you a design agreement. The agreement outlines our terms and conditions for the design work and gives you, the client, a signed document of what to expect at the different stages of the design process. You will also be asked for a payment for the survey and design fees. This is required before the design process can be initiated.

Site survey & plant inventory
A Topographical land survey or basic survey (depending on size) will be taken of the garden space. The boundaries, level changes and where necessary, underground services will be plotted in preparation for the next phase.

Sketch plans
Once the survey is completed we will present you with 2-3 sketch plans. These sketches will show how the garden can be divided to give you the optimum use of your space and to create areas of interest.

Final CAD design
Once the sketch plans have been discussed and agreed upon we will then proceed to draw the final 2-D design in CAD (Computer Aided Graphics) This will also include a planting plan or planting suggestions (included in the fee). A maintenance guide for plants can also be provided on request.

Costings of build
The next stage is the implementation of the design. In order for the build to proceed we will give you a breakdown of how much the build of the design is expected to cost. Once agreed, we will then send all the necessary paperwork to initiate the build. This will include our terms and conditions along with the works and payment schedule.